Experienced Professional Electrical Engineering

At Jenseneering we provide our clients high value electrical engineering services.  Drawing on years of expertise and engineering experience we will help you avoid the pitfalls that beleaguer many construction projects.  Light on overhead and bureaucracy our firm is nimble enough to quickly identify and solve problems to keep your projects on schedule at a price far lower than other firms.  Although we specialize in electrical system analysis our experience covers all phases of your construction project – from early design work through construction to verification and finally property management.  This experience means you get a higher value for your dollar. Here are few things we offer our clients.

Basic Power Studies

  • A fault at each panel / switchboard in the facility (including bolted system faults, arc faults, three phase symmetrical faults, asymmetrical faults, ground faults, etc.).
  • Evaluation of electrical equipment  (including is it appropriate for the location and use, does it meet rating requirements, does derating apply , etc.
  • Over current protective device coordination (including life safety NEC 700, legally required Standby NEC 701, healthcare NEC 517, elevators NEC 620, fire pumps NEC 695, motor/transformer inrush current and customer specified)
  • Verification of electrical code compliance.
  • Reports complete with recommended breaker settings, CAD drawings showing key electrical parameters at every panel in the facility, Time Current Curves, failing equipment, etc.

Other Services

  • Design assistance for emergency systems, UPS systems, etc
  • Arc-Flash Hazard mitigation design
  • Load analysis (including voltage drop calculations
  • Alternate energy sources(solar power, flywheel, etc.)
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies
Protect your personnel and your facility with arc flash hazard studies